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Company introduction
  Guangzhou Hoire Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on agricultural information research and development, facilities, agricultural engineering high-tech enterprises, headquartered in the state-level high-tech industrial park - Guangzhou Science City, the registered capital of 30 million yuan. The company co-founded by a number of experts and experts in the field of agricultural information, relying on the national development of modern agriculture strategic planning, in line with the national agricultural supply side of the reform trend, the United Nations research institutions, the use of advanced Internet of things, large data, mobile Internet and intelligence Decision-making technology for the modernization of agricultural production management to provide a full range of information products and solutions.
  "Hoire" from "Haina Hundred rivers, Rui map side Forever", meaning for the integration of open, from, after a permanent hing. Hai to "compatible, open, cooperation, sharing" entrepreneurial spirit, the world, and self-improvement, pioneers, the pursuit of excellence. Actively carry out with the government, research institutions, enterprises, such as the political and industrial cooperation, resource integration, to provide users with quality products, satisfactory solutions and Shuxin service, to urge all parties together to win! Hai adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, professional innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit, integration and sharing" of the corporate culture, "science and technology to change agriculture, innovation and lead the future" as our mission, committed to become the industry's leading information Technology service providers!
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